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If you’re new here or need a refresher, below is a list with the editions.

Every week, I highlight one area in mining for clean energy. That could be a mining project, but it could also be science or markets. I also run through the week’s mining stories, which include local resistance, solutions, investigations, and problems.

Full Green Rocks Archive

In chronological order:

Will cobalt ever die? And more

Low carbon scores low on human rights

Pebbles: Waste dams & urban mining potential

Why battery science is critical to a sustainable transition

We have no idea how to reach net zero emissions

Q&A: Battery supply needs transparency

Advice from a Green New Deal of the global South

Part 1: How China warped the market for a vital clean energy ingredient

Part 2: Mines were outsourced. How are locals responding?

In Chile, indigenous groups inch closer to lithium action

A rare chance to study the ocean before we mine it

Nickel's future in a school, an island, and an ocean

A mining primer for Tesla's Battery Day

On Battery Day, a mining-ravaged island eyes independence

Europe's plan to mine clean energy, and its critics

Good news in Indonesia, right before the not-so-good

Bolivia's election on Sunday could shape global lithium

Colossal mine plan sparks "unprecedented" UN reaction

Biden wants $2 trillion of clean energy. Where will all that metal come from?

Good news stories in mining clean energy

Batteries aren't designed for a green economy (yet)

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